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Via Farini Parma the World's greatest Cappuccino Strip

Food n Walk tours have a deep history in Parma and we just can’t wait to share it with you. Via Farini Parma the World’s greatest Cappuccino Strip and that should be enough… but the street is packed full of restaurants, bars, niche bakeries and fashion outlets… it’s a sensational place to be. FWT Nick Garrett says from being in London HO one week and Italy the next … it’s ultimately the best of both worlds… But as far as the taste buds are concerned Italy and the Parma caffe strip come out on top… enjoy!!

Caffe Via Farini Parma Cappuccino, Vino, Prosciutto and Chocolate Strip!!!

Trattoria Tribunale
Trattoria Tribunale Parma

Tribunale is one of the best places to eat in Parma and has a stack of great reviews around the place inc.

Recommended:  Tortelli, Risotto, Lambrusco, Malvasia Rose… can’t go wrong.

Trattoria Tribunale al Fresco dining
Trattoria Tribunale al Fresco dining
Trattoria Tribunale al Fresco dining
Above:  Turning off Strada Farini, Trattoria Tribunale al Fresco dining

Via Farini Parma…

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